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Over 36% of global population is aging beyond 60 years. Associated with this aging process is the growth of age-related debilities related to hearing, vision and moving and non-communicable diseases, including heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, chronic respiratory disorders, cancer and dementia. While these conditions affect the quality of life, self-confidence and independence in the aging citizen, it also implies a significant economic, physical and emotional stress on their care takers. At early stages of their impairment of Cognition, Hearing, vision and physical movement, they can still lead an independent living if somebody is able to supervise them, but there is an acute shortage of trained manpower to supervise them and their earning children have to go out for work to even sustain their families. As a result, many elders are relocated to an old-age Home /Hospice much against their wish, as it is seen as a safer option and respite for their children.

The vision of ACS is to enable affordable and equitable reach to comprehensive care through electronic aggregation and distribution of remote healthcare services, service providers and consumers. The services which can be offered through the system are, but no restricted to Tele-Consultation, Tele-Monitoring, Tele-Radiology, Medication monitoring and supply, Security, catering, travel, in-home laboratory sample collection.

Careplex is an exchange connecting hospital, lab, clinics, pharmacies, nursing agencies, security agencies, travel agents, caterers, grocery supplier to the patients. It provides “infrastructure as services” in collaborations with internet service providers, payment gateways, banks, medical devices, telecom service providers, cloud providers etc., to network patients, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies etc.

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